Prima Donna's Closet + Lagniappe for Men

Turn Your Closets Into Cash!!

That's right! If you wear designer, bridge and boutique label fashions, you, too, can turn your closet into ca$h! It's easy, it's fun and it's profitable for us both!

Here's how you do it:
•Go through your wardrobe and take out the following items for consignment: Those you will never wear again, never ever wore, too small, too big, tooo not you.
•Bring in only your fabulous, fashionable items cleaned and in pristine condition. This is important! The stained, ripped and way-too-worn, out-of-date and has-no-style items donate to charity. Do not put them back in your closet! Feng shui, baby!
•Concentrate on the current season. Our customers are shopping for items they can wear now. Out of season stays in the back of your closet until the change of season. Bag them clean and tag them like this: Prima Donna's Closet/Lagniappe for Men – Fall.
•Check out Mom and Dad and Granny's closet for vintage jewelry, hats, furs, ties and unique clothing.
•Keep your treasures on wire hangers, handbags and shoes in plastic bags and misc. items in a box. Print your name on bags and boxes. Remember, the more you bring in the bigger the payouts!
•Drive to the most convenient location and let us know if you need help unloading your car.
•Many of our out-of-town clients just ship us their seasonal goodies and we do the rest! Just email or call us for easy shipping instructions!

We will fill out a contract, you will get a copy, and you will be on your way to turning your closets into cash! Highlights of the contract are as follows:
•Computerized accounting
•3 month contract
•Consignor receives 40% of of selling price
•Pick up your cash on sold items
•Checks will be issued and mailed upon request
•Tax receipt for donated items upon request

If you have never consigned before, don't worry and don't be intimidated!

We make it easy, fun and worth while for you!

Thousands are already consigning with us...Shouldn't you?

Lagniappe for Men is located inside the Royal St. Boutique.