Prima Donna's Closet

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The Idea

Always ahead of the trends, founder and owner Stephanie Hirsh took a chance on the green industry of resale in 1996.

She developed a new, boutique style consignment shop with attention to customer service, which at the time was rare.

With 18 years of retail behind her, she dove into changing the image of consignment shops and never looked back.

Nel Johnson (aka Queenie) and Stephanie (aka Prima) met in the 1980’s while working together for Petrie Stores.

Even back then, Nel was considered the Queen.
She was the first person Stephanie called to help develop her vision.

Side by side, through thick and thin, these two energetically shaped the vibe you will find today.




Who We Are

Prima Donna's Closet is a locally owned small business...and we're having a love affair with the Big Easy.

We are Recyclers

Born into it. Loved it. Passed it on.

We are Fashion Gurus

Born with it. Love it. Pass it on every day.

We are Locally Owned

Livin' in the Big Easy. Lovin' it.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!






The Store

Today, you will walk into the new version of our New Orleans store which we refer to as a hybrid boutique. Know for our below retail new formal dresses, we continue to follow the trends with a mix of new, edgy styles, trend consignment pieces and distinctive vintage looks.

As the seasons change, so does our store. You will rarely see the same merchandise or store set up. Prima Donna's Closet is a must see on your treasure hunt to complete your unique!