Mardi Gras Hours

Due to the Parades, our hours will vary
as we approach Mardi Gras.



Friday, February 2nd, Cleopatra/Oshun: 10-4
Saturday, February 3rd, Pontchartrain/Choctaw: Closed
Sunday, February 4th, Femme Fatale/King Arthur: Closed
Wednesday, February 7th, Krewe of Nyx: 10-4
Thursday, February 8th, Krewe of Muses: 10-3
Friday, February 9th, Hermes/Morpheus: 10-4
Saturday, February 10th, Iris/Tucks/Endymion: Closed
Sunday, February 11th, Toth/Bacchus: Closed
Monday, February 12th: Proteus/Orpheus: 10-3
Tuesday, February 13th, Mardi Gras Day- Closed